Please copy and paste
the list below to answer each question,

- which Moving Set do you request?

- what do you have to be moved?

- when is your moving date and time?

- what are your current and new address including the name and floor of each building?

- is there an elevator in each building?

- is there a legal parking space (not on a regular street nor a reserved parking spot) near by each building?

- what is your name and your phone number? (so we can call you directly when we arrive at the pick-up location)

- have you read Terms and Conditions and notes for regular moving?

- do you need your AC or washlet removed and installed in your new place?

- do you have anything to be disposed of?

- will you be interested in any of our give-away items?

- do you request free boxes and cushoning materials? if so, about how many boxes will you need?

Please feel free to ask any questions and let us know if you have any concerns.




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