- Chartering a driver with our truck w/o help to handcarry -

*The driver will only drive with no help to handcarry
*(Chartering fee) + (Dispaching fee) + (Moving distance fee)

- Price List -

Chartering fee
*The time starts counting from our departure from our office
*The time stops when it finishes unloading all of your items
length of time Prices
4hours 12000yen
6hours 15000yen
8hours 20000yen
Dispatching distance fee
from our office located in Sugito, Saitama

*Sugito, Saitama is located about from 45km to 50km away from Chuo-ward, Tokyo
up to 29km 1000yen
30km to 49km 2000yen
50km to 69km 3000yen
70km to 90km 4000yen

*No round trip fees!
*Free moving materials (such as ducktape and plastic bags) available!
*Free to use our dollies / trollies / carts
*If your selected length of time extents during the move, 1500yen will be added for every 30minutes
*Please contact us for any further information

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