Moving Set C : 30000yen

AN EXAMPLE of Moving Set C
Items Details Qty.

@@up to about 180cm in height 1
Washing Machine

5 to 7kg top-load 1
Set of Futon

comforter, blanket and sheets 2
Double Bed

mattress with its frames 1
size up to about 32in. 1
Boxes / Bags / Suitcases
(For packing small items)

size up to about 150cm
(e.g. : 50W x 50D x 50H)
Chest/Cabinet of drawers/"color box"

wooden, plastic, steel, etc.
(up to six drawers or shelves)
Small electronic appliances

toaster, microwave oven, rice cooker, lap-top computer, gas-stove, electronic fan, heater, etc. 10
three-seater 1
dining table with 4chairs, desk with one chair, small table, etc. 2

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Moving Set A : 25000yen

Moving Set B : 30000yen

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