Terms and Conditions

* Please have big items (such as beds and other oversize furniture) disassembled and ready to move beforehand.

* Please pack up EVERYTHING packable in boxes.

* We provide free cardboard boxes and cushoning materials if necessary. Please let us know if you need these materials in advance, prior to your actual moving date.

* Please inform us in advance if you need any assistance for disassembling or dismantling such big items or packing small items in boxes.

Please note that there is only one driver who helps to move items and will ask for your assistance for moving, loading, and unloading items.

* Please inform us in advance if you have a large quatity of items that requires one extra staff member. (Extra charge will include)

* Valuable items will be handled with extra care and causion; however, we will not be responsible for any major damages that may occur during the work of moving.

* Especially for fragile items, please use cushioning materials to protect them from breaking or damaging

*If you end up having many more items to be moved than the confirmed moving set or the amount of quatity you claimed you had, the moving set will change or extra fee will be added.

*Payments will be made by cash on the day of your move or right after all of the work is done.

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